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Welcome to MooMoo’s Harness!

First of all, I would just like to say thank you for visiting our site (by our I mean me and my little dog helpers). My name is Zoe and my dogs are called Molly MooMoo’s, Poppy and Henry.
My dog obsession started when I got my first dog, Molly MooMoo’s. For years I was constantly looking for fun, fashionable harness and dog accessories which I could dress MooMoo’s in, I usually failed to find anything and what I would find, was always way overpriced! So, one day after attending a dog show, I thought “I’m going to make my own!!”

After teaching myself how to sew and make dog harnesses, I would take MooMoo’s out for her walks and go to various different doggy events, people would constantly ask about MooMoo’s harness, where they could buy them, how they could get one? I started making them for people off the back of handing them my phone number and they would say “I want one exactly like that!” pointing at Molly MooMoo’s and that’s how MooMoo’s Harness started!

Please do take your time to look through my site, I hope you like my products and feel free to email me if you have any questions or would like any type of design altered to suit your individual taste.

Thank you so much!

Zoe x

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